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Data Collection Instructions:

Data collection method: Data capture method by smart switching IP distributed Spider System

Monitoring Range:

Monitoring covering 7 platform(Tmall, JD, Suning, Gome Online, Yixun, Dangdang, yhd), Relates to the field of Home Appliances, Personal Care, Baby Products, Medicine and other products, which more than 40 categories. Historical data can be traced back to July 2012.

Shampoo Refrigerator Shaver Milk Powder Rice Cooker Kettle
Diapers Air Conditioner Garment Steamer Medicine Water Heater Water Purifier
Induction Cooker Gas Stove Vacuum Cleaner Electric
Pressure Cooker
Microwave Mini Speaker
Soymilk Machine Air Purifier Juicer Cell Phone Tablet PC Camera
TV Electronic Oven PC Washing Machine Electronic Oven Dish-Washing
Wearable devices(Smart Watch)      Wearable devices(Smart Bracelet)

The Value of Data:

Analyzing Retail Online Market by considering the channel, consumer and commodities three aspects


Relying on real-time processing capability of big data, eCR monitor the whole network of commodity prices, sales, promotions, to help enterprises improve real-time awareness of Electronic Commerce. the retail market for electricity suppliers in real time.


By latent semantic analysis, eCR dig the information of consumer reviews, and describes the consumer portrait, to help enterprises enhance cognitive ability for consumers.


eCR analyze index of each E-Commerce platform and understand the development of each E-Commerce platform by using of market capacity, the number of brands, the number of products, promotions and other indicators, to help companies find the right E-Commerce partners.

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