In 2015 Q 4, China’s shipment of factory-installed vehicle navigation system reached 1,251,000 sets, a jump of 44.4% quarter on quarter, shown in the Quarterly Monitoring Report on China’s Factory-installed Vehicle Navigation System Market 2015 Q4 published by Analysys.
In 2015 Q4, NavInfo, Autonavi and Emapgo, with a market share of 40.2%, 30.1% and 28.3% respectively, ranked top three in China’s factory-installed vehicle navigation system market.
Analysys data showed that in 2015 Q4, passenger car sales reached 6.614 million and the penetration rate of factory-installed vehicle navigation systems was 18.9%. As indicated by the annual data, 17.6% of passenger cars have been provided with factory-installed vehicle navigation systems in 2015.
In 2015 Q4, the growth rate of China’s passenger car sales reached as high as 49%, bringing a rapid increase in shipment of factory-installed vehicle navigation system. In 2015, passenger car sales of domestic brand rose by 15.3% year on year, accounting for 41.3% of the total sales of passenger cars. The heating-up of domestic brand automobile market brings new opportunity for vehicle terminal enterprises. In the opinion of Analysys, domestic brand automobile market will continue growing steadily; the market share will increase continuously and the factory-installed vehicle navigation system will gradually permeate domestic brand cars.
Compared with last quarter, Emapgo’s market share increased by nearly 4%. Among the car brands cooperated with Emapgo, the shipments of factory-installed vehicle navigation systems for Great Wall Motors, Haima Motor and BAIC Motor all have significantly increased, while the shipments for BYD and Geely have rose steadily, which have boosted growth of Emapgo’s market share. In 2015 Q4, NavInfo became a shareholder of Coagent, vehicle navigation system supplier, with RMB 108 million and achieved a strategic cooperation with MTK, a chip supplier, continuing a comprehensive layout of Internet of Vehicles (IOV). Autonavi announced that the focus of next phase will be vehicle navigation business and introduced A-LINK and AMAP AUTO service based on Internet-enabled navigation. Owing to the increasingly fierce competition of IOV market, the factory-installed vehicle navigation systems become the key to occupy the market, and all enterprises will accelerate cooperation with automobile manufacturers.
Research Definition:
Factory-installed vehicle navigation system: The integrated navigation system installed by the vehicle manufacturer in the new car that users purchase.
So far, the Analysys’ statistic data of factory-installed vehicle navigation system market are electronic map system loaded on it. Typical electronic map brands for factory-installed vehicle navigation system are NavInfo, Autonavi and Emapgo.
Quarterly shipment (factory-installed vehicle navigation system): The factory-installed vehicle navigation devices, with navigation electronic map loaded, sold by vehicle manufacturers in that quarter.
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