In 2015, under strong support of national policy, China’s sport industry greeted the cusp of its development, and capital, Internet giants and entrepreneurial enterprises entered in succession, which promoted a new growth opportunity for China’s sport and fitness market. Meanwhile, with growing demand for mass sport and increasing focus on personal health, mass sport consumption is gradually released, especially the intelligent wearable devices are popularized and the penetration rate of mobile Internet is greatly improved. All of those have provided a solid foundation for rapid growth of mass sport and fitness industry.
Analysys' data showed that Ledongli, Codoon and Xiaomi Sport ranked top three of active user coverage of China's mobile sport and fitness application with a share of 11.9%, 10.6% and 8.6% respectively. All of them, originated from sport data records, radiate towards social contact, activity, knowledge share and life management, and participate in differentiated competition with their own unique advantages. For example, Ledongli sets up various sport motivation measures; Codoon has many intelligent hardware products in addition to relatively strong sport events and social system; Xiaomi Sport provides users with caring life management guide.
Analysys has found that applications with more active users mainly focus on social record in sport and fitness market. The main reasons lie in:
1.    Recording tools have a wide range of receivers, there is a lower requirement in exercising forms like running and walking. Compared to ball games and indoor fitness activity, running and walking require less on time, space and partner, with more sport spot and easiness to operate.
2.    Recording tools can be online for a long time, ensuring a natural connecting point of sport result and social contact, which could improve user stickiness. Single recording function is insufficient in supporting sustainable development of the product, so it is a more mature mode of connecting with social contact to activate market growth space and explore deep demand of users.
3.    Other applications focused on venue ordering and sport teaching still need a further development to obtain market's recognition. At present, the opening of venue resources is far away from enough, and online traffic of venue booking applications is still relatively low; sport teaching applications mainly divide into two categories, i.e. online video teaching and offline ordering teaching; among then, online teaching relies more on content resources and entrance traffic, as for offline ordering teaching, it is hard to monitor the offline service of a coach and coach resources need to be integrated, which results in a slow development of sport teaching application.
In the opinion of Analysys, for some time to come, sport and fitness enterprises will continue exploring suitable operating mode and increasing connection with offline sport spot and improving liveliness of users. In profitable way, the enterprises will pay more attention to crossover cooperation with other industries to gain added value. A rapid growth will be continuously maintained in future sport and fitness industry.
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