In 2015 Q4, the size of China’s mobile game market reached RMB 14.695 billion, a jump of 0.2% quarter on quarter, and the growth rate of market size fell sharply; Android user growth of major mobile game began to slow down; large channels still had obvious advantage in market share, and the industry trend remained relatively consistent, shown in the Quarterly Monitoring Report on China’s Mobile Game Channels 2015 Q4 published by Analysys.
In 2015 Q4, Tencent Mobile Games, Baidu Mobile Games and Mobile Hardcore Alliance (MHA), with the player coverage of 74.6%, 38.1% and 16.9% respectively, ranked top three in China’s Android mobile game channel market. Specific situation is shown in the figure below:
The Android channels of Tencent Mobile Games include three platforms, i.e. Myapp, Wechat and Mobile QQ, with Myapp as main dominance. Compared with 2014, Tencent Mobile Games channel has become domestic top Android channel. Myapp has surpassed 360 PC Suite in user coverage in 2015. Numbers of games owned by Tencent have been on the list for a long period, single game has tens of millions of DAUs, which brought a stable user volume for Tencent.
Baidu Mobile Games ranked second only to Tencent in user coverage by adopting Baidu PC Suite, Android Market and 91 Suite in parallel. As an integrated platform, Baidu has a huge number of users by relying on several traffic entrances such as search engine, community and appstore, and will consistently maintain a great advantage in future.
In 2015 Q3, MHA surpassed 360 Mobile Games in user coverage, remaining third in Q4. However, MHA is an integrated platform of six vendors whose channel sources are still relatively scattered, market shares of different channels are discrepant and internal cooperation is not very stable. While as a single platform, Mi Entertainment will launch the “Xiaomi Advertising Platform” in 2016 based on a long-time accumulation. The traffic aggregation of Xiaomi Appstore and Xiaomi Advertising Platform will significantly improve the overall distribution capacity of Xiaomi in 2016. The Droi Market made the list for the first time and ranked 7th this quarter, with a player coverage of 3.1. Droi Market is localized appstore launched by Droi Tech based on Android system. With a similar development model with Mi Entertainment, Droi Tech owns intelligent hardware such as Freeme OS, app service platform as well as intelligent hardware such as mobile phone and tablet, and creates hardware-based ecological platform, enjoying a bright prospect for development.
After development in 2015, trends of market concentration and game perfection appear in mobile game market, and competition in mobile game channel market becomes more intense. Hardware vendors represented by MHA and Mi Entertainment show their great user advantages. To make up the lack of traffic entrance, 360 Tech cooperated with Coolpad to launch Qiku mobile phone in 2015. As high-quality games gradually have attracted enormous user group, mobile game channels gradually begin to shift to operation and add agent issuing business. Future channel’s priority will gradually make way for product-centered trend. Mobile game channels also need to increase market share through expanding business model and traffic entrance.
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