Analysis of Analysys:
In 2015 Q4, although the growth rate of real estate investment continued to decline, the sales of commercial housing improved. In the central economic work conference, six measures to resolve the inventory of real estate were put forward: accelerate the citizenization of peasant workers, implement the reform program of household registration system, establish the simultaneous rental and selling housing system, encourage the specialized enterprises in developing the housing rental as the main business, the real estate developers shall reduce prices of the housing, promote the merger and reorganization of the industry, eliminate outdated restrictive measures. With the gradual implementation of this series of policies, the supply and demand channels of real estate are opened, the inventory pressure of real estate are gradually eased.
Under the stimulus of policy, the de-inventory ability of the market for commercial housing improved, the consumers are more claim in purchasing housing, the consumer ideas are more mature. The marketing concept of the advertisers is changed, which pay more attention to the use of Internet channels and enhance the ROI of real estate marketing. At the same time, the Internet has changed the real estate transaction services, which optimized the purchase experience of the consumers from seeing the house, financial programs, price concessions, and many other aspects and enhanced the sales turnover rate. Therefore, under the help of the Internet, the real estate marketing is no longer the extensive money-waste game, but achieve mutual benefits between consumers and developers with comprehensive services.
According to the research of Analysys, the size of China’s new house brand network marketing market reached RMB 2.78 billion in 2015 Q4, an increase of 15.1% quarter on quarter; ARPU value was RMB 594,000, an increase of 3.3% quarter on quarter.
In the opinion of Analysys, the dynamics of the three largest real estate Internet media on the China’s new house brand network marketing market in 2015 Q4 should be concerned:
1. Three-dimensional marketing method created O2O closed loop of real estate, and improved marketing efficiency
With the fluctuations in the real estate market, as well as the uncertainty of the future market, developers need to achieve high de-commercialization in the marketing season through a shorter period, the fast paced and small scale centralized transactions shall become the mainstream. In 2015 Q4, Sina Leju planned multiple theme day activities to attract consumers and help developers to grasp the sales peak at the end of year. In the theme activities, the Sina Leju absorbed a large number of users in Sina Leju marketing system through the user resource of 91 member platform, WeChat Red Packet and media advertising display. In the process of purchasing housing, it provides "immediate limousine service” to improve the user's purchase experience, and improve the user conversion ability by reducing the hindering factors in the marketing link. With the deepening needs of advertisers on the marketing service providers, it’s difficult to effectively improve the marketing environment for service providers to provide a single marketing function. The diversification of marketing and formation of effective O2O purchase  closed-loop are needed in the market, let a large number of users achieve efficient transfer in the closed loop system and the efficient transformation to consumers, this will help developers to solve the problem of marketing in the age of the Internet.
2. open platform was launched, which closed the distance between the user and the developer, and strengthened the value of the platform
In October 2015, open platform was formally launched, the developers used the data analysis capabilities of platform to provide data analysis for their own customers and competing products, and provide support for marketing decisions. At the same time, the developers independently release the status real estate, housing information and forum posting through the platform, the dissemination of project information becomes more timely and efficient, which mastered marketing initiative. The e-commerce of real estate business requires the use of online and offline linkage to open up all aspects of sales, in addition to the emphasis on the integration and layout of offline resources, the online service and drainage function are equally important. The open platform of is an important part of the online layout, through the independent marketing management and publishing of houses of enterprise on platform, it can realize the reconstruction of the online arrangement and strengthen the relationship between users and developers with the image of the trading platform.
3. deepened customer service and enhanced the value of media marketing
The e-commerce model of real estate Internet media converted the users to consumers with the help of media platforms, so the number of users becomes the basis of the e-commerce model. In the cooperation between the developers and real estate Internet media, the huge crowd of users behind the media and the attracting function of the media are the focus. achieved user channels through content upgrading and expansion, the bonding relation with users was further strengthened. The home page of was upgraded, which improved the user experience and enhanced user stickiness by integrating the original sector and adding new features. Meanwhile, it enhanced the cooperation with 58 home online, and further widened the user base, and limousine delivery and theme marketing activities meet the marketing needs of developers.
In the opinion of Analysys, with the rebound of real estate market, the market has entered to the de-inventory window period, the marketing cycle of the real estate is shortened, the competition in the real estate market will become more intense. Therefore, the real estate Internet media needs to meet the market environment changes and help advertisers to achieve marketing objectives with efficient marketing capabilities. On the other hand, the down payment ratio decreased, the loan interest rate declined, the purchasing burden of the consumers reduced, the role of down payment staging financial products is more obvious, the real estate Internet media should strengthen the financial services of housing purchase and deepen the media marketing ability.
Definition of research:
The size of China’s new house brand network marketing market: including two parts of brand network advertising and real estate e-commerce marketing, the brand network advertising takes the actual investment of the real estate developers in the brand network advertising as the amount of computation, including the income of network media and the agent; the real estate e-commerce marketing is takes the media cost actually paid in the online transaction process on the real estate e-commerce platform by the real estate developers, which is not the turnover.  
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