In 2015 Q4, the user size of mobile karaoke market reached 53.89 million, a jump of 21.4 % quarter on quarter, shown in the Quarterly Monitoring Report on China’s Mobile Karaoke Market 2015 Q4 published by Analysys. Since the mobile music users has been basically saturated, the karaoke applications based on the music function, launched by the social karaoke vendors represented by, have opened the mechanism of making online stars, and karaoke market is also concerned and used by more and more users.
From the situation of user penetration rate of China’s mobile karaoke application, in Q4, ranked the first with a user penetration rate of 38.4%, and the active user penetration rate of was 34.9%, ranking the second. The user penetration rates of and were 8.5%, ranking the third in the industry. The user penetration rate of other karaoke applications was not high. The market share of leading karaoke applications will be increasingly high.
From the distribution of users’ age of China’s mobile karaoke application, the 1990s users in the whole industry was over 6%, being the main objects of consumption. Strong association of popular star performers and anchors with mobile karaoke applications attracted a large number of young users through the concept of enhancing social interaction and the relationship between the stars and fans. Among them, the users of 24 years old and below in accounted for 62.2%, the 1990s users has reached 70% and the proportion of the 1990s users was far higher than that of other karaoke applications. The users of 25-30 years old in accounted for 37.2%, which was higher than the others. is a mature karaoke application, and its proportion of users aged 31 and above was significantly higher than other companies, which has reached 32.0%.
From the distribution of users’ career of China’s mobile karaoke applications, the proportion of students and students and freelancers has reached 60%, in which the proportion of students and freelancers in accounted for nearly 70%, far higher than the industry average proportion, and the proportion of students was the highest in the industry, reaching 35.3%, dominated by students and females. On one hand, since the students pay more attention to the game activities, the karaoke applications involve singing contests. On the other hand, can better meet the user demands for online and offline entertainment, the consumption willingness of young users is stronger, with bigger stickiness. In addition, the freelancers on were the highest, reaching 37.4%, which was mainly due to the positioning of It pays more attention to the concept of home entertainment, and the user age is higher than other several applications.
In the opinion of Analysys, the karaoke application has been gradually provided with the listening and singing interaction, rewards, comment, imitation show, multi-person real-time video online karaoke, game, membership, games and business functions application from the initial online karaoke tool that has the functions of song selection, scoring and sound recording, and more entertainment features make online karaoke develop more mature., as an interactive platform for stars and fans taking the music as the core, opened up the music ecology of common people - instant online celebrities- entertainment packaging - star, and deepened the cooperation with Hunan Satellite TV; Hunan Satellite TV outputted media and platform resources, outputted grass-roots singer resources, and I'm A Singer, Super Girl and other programs accelerated the realization of the instant online celebrities economy. In addition, it well guided the online users through Maisong KTV, and launched the three hardware products of microphone, charge pal and microphone stand, and such a closed-loop ecological chain of music can better gather popularity, establish the fans group and drive the registration of new users continuously. Thus, the transformation from a single karaoke tool to the layout of the entire music karaoke social ecology better promoted the more mature development of the industry. The "Instant Online Celebrity Economy" has become an important social phenomenon in the mobile Internet era, and the instant online celebrities are from live phone showcases and games live anchors, audio anchors and UGM makers such as Papi Jiang. They have enormous amount of fans, strong function of discussion and business monetization recognized by the capital. Therefore, the "Instant Online Celebrity Economy" will boost the new star creation method of China’s mobile karaoke market
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