In China's network literature market, of China Reading Limited ranked top with a user coverage rate of 31.9%; the number of users increased obviously in 17K Novel Network and with user coverage rate of 24.5% and 16.8% respectively, ranking second and third; the user coverage rate of rose to 12.0%; the number of users increased obviously in and, with user coverage rate of 10.3% and 10.0% respectively, shown in the Quarterly Monitoring Report on China's Network Literature Market 2015 Q4 published by Analysys.
According to the top 50 coverage ranking of China's network popular novel in 2015 Q4, ranked top with 26 works on the list with a market of 52%, Super Fortune Teller and Valiant Universe are two new novels which made the list this quarter. The works of 17K Novel Network on the list rose to 7, ranking second with a market share of 14%, The Master Of Hero, Immortal Firmament of Aeon, Special Teacher, Young Doctor and Infinite Dominion are five new works which made the list this quarter. There were 7 novels of on the list, with a market share of 14%, Sentinel Emperor written by Luanshi Kuangdao is the new work. Baidu literature will package for sale, which will weaken the promotion of Original works. There were five works of on the list this quarter, with a market share of 10%, including two new works: Antiquity Gods of Jingwuhen, Anger of Burning Heavean of Yaoye, which are fully promoted by,,, and all had one work on the list this quater, with a market share of 2.0%. is a romance novel website which first made the list by a female alternative history novel Talent Concubine of Jiemo, which is awarded as the best-selling romance novel in 2015.
In the opinion of Analysys, much-touted by capital, the position of network literature is much more prominent behind "IP fever". Though network literature is less attractive and profitable than entertainment forms of films and teleplays and electronic games, as the source of IP pan-entertainment, it can pursue greater business mechanism, so it needs more attention on its creation and dissemination value.
China Reading Limited, the most powerful literary group no matter in content quality and quantity, author influence and IP value through integrating original advantage of Tencent Literature and original Cloudary, is now establishing pan-entertainment overall industry chain. Therefore, China Reading Limited advocated the anti piracy alliance to better solve the copyright issues in 2015, besides, it reinforced market promotion of resources, i.e. increases promotion strength in high-speed rail station, metro station, video website and appstore, thereby acquiring more loyal users. As the leader of industry,'s operation of network literature market becomes more mature, mobile games adopted from Firmament Change, Great Dominance and Jungle Period of ranked top five of games, together with hot broadcast films and teleplays adopted from popular IP The Ghouls, Nirvana in Fire and The Lost Tomb of China Reading Limited proved the importance of high-quality content and helped network literature to explore more business model. As the first domestic listed digital publishing company, will also establish IP-based pan-entertainment ecological system and take it as the future development direction. 17k Novel Network will continue promoting high-quality original contents, besides, Itangyuan, the original website and mobile reading and writing platform for accurate users of post 95s will take IP incubation and present as major profit model. In future, besides old-line original websites such as, 17K Novel Network and, there will spring up more subdivided original websites.
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