In 2015 Q4, China's Internet dating market reached RMB 692 million in size, a jump of 2.5% quarter on quarter, and 10.8% year on year, shown in the Quarterly Monitoring Report on China's Internet Dating Market 2015 Q4 published by Analysys.
China's Internet dating market realized a high-speed growth in old profit model, but gradually slowed down in the growth rate. The old block communication-oriented profit model became outdated under the overall environment of mobile Internet and post 90s gradually reached marriageable age. New growth model of the market need be supported by more innovative operation mode.
In 2015 Q4, two events happened in Internet dating market: One was that listed new three board; the other was that announced a merger with soon after listing. As the rapid penetration of mobile Internet into life service field, the boundary of dating products on mobile terminal and common social products became more and more obscure, competition in Internet dating market got more fierce and complicated. After years of inconclusive competition, faced with foreign enemy, the giant of dating industry,, which was incapable of beating opponents by own strength, chose a merger with, returned to domestic market and expanded strength to collect resources to extend and upgrade industry. Therefore the focus of dating market of next phase will be on accelerating dating ecosystem layout with matchmaking service at the core. In Q4, in order to speed up dating ecosystem layout, not only spent 32 million on Photography O2O Taopaipai and acquiring a marriage platform in Beijing, but also cooperated with to enter Internet home decoration industry. The advantage of dating web's entry up-down stream of industry chain with sites scenes, user traffic and data accumulation has clearly appeared, including entering finance with transaction., and ranked top three in terms of market pattern in Q4, with a total revenue share of 53.2%. took an absolute leading position in revenue size with a share of 27.0%. In Q4, in online aspect, introduced hot chat group function on mobile terminal, creating a more comfortable social scene for dating users; in offline aspect, further accelerated construction of dating bar and one-to-one matchmaker service outlets, thereby reinforcing the integration of online and offline resources. submitted Open Share Transfer Instructions to new three board in November, accelerating logging in new three board to turn the table by capital power; lag behind in listing process, it thought highly of present direct service model and insist on the attention of deepening marriage service.
Since the cancel of online communication charge, the market share of rapidly dropped to 6.9%, and ranking fell to fourth. But after powerful combination with, resources of platform business and matchmaker outlet got further integrated, achieving an overall coverage of dating industry from marriage and love and matchmaking service to downstream resources of industry chain, posing a great competition pressure on and But the market share of Internet dating industry has not yet further concentrated, there is still a variable competition among vendors under product operation and capital control. Through resource integration, technology innovation and service and user experience improvement, the vendors ranked second and third still have room to grow.
In the opinion of Analysys, with merger of and, the industry future development direction of dating market becomes more bright and clear. Deepen the dating service from business level and continuously improve user experience to assist single people in efficient and satisfactory matching; Integrate online and offline dating service resources and cooperate with vendors at up-down stream of industry chain to jointly build up ecosystem, and boost the fully upgrading of overall dating industry, all of above have become the new development direction of industry.
The active user size on mobile terminal of dating realized a rapid growth in Q4. Analysys' data showed that in 2015 Q4, active user scale on mobile terminal of Internet dating reached 20.32 million, hitting a record high this year, and it has doubled in active user scale on mobile terminal of major dating vendors. On one hand, privacy and convenient access of mobile phone promote the dating users' transfer to mobile terminal; on the other hand, Internet dating vendors continue to strengthen the research input on mobile terminal and improvement of products, to meet the dating demands of young users. The enhancement of user stickiness on mobile terminal provides benefits for revenue conversion of online dating vendors. In Q4, China's mobile dating market size reached RMB 260 million, a jump of 7.1% quarter on quarter, and a significant recovery compared with previous quarter. The effect on user stickiness of improvement of dating products on mobile terminal gradually appears, which will surely boost the further growth in revenue of dating vendors.
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