In 2015 Q4, the size of China’s mobile reading market reached RMB 2.68 billion, a jump of 4.7% quarter on quarter, shown in the Quarterly Monitoring Report on China’s Mobile Reading Market 2015 Q4 published by the Analysys industry database. Q4 is the period when the reading enterprises start to vigorously promote and release the strategic planning of next year, so the performance had a certain increase. The market size in each quarter of 2015 had a slight increase, the size of China’s mobile reading market in 2015 reached RMB 10.1 billion, a jump of 14.3% year on year, the growth slowed than previous two years. The main reason is that the three major telecom operators successively transformed the entertainment business in order to enhance the business growth, achieving the reform of company mode, but it also needs to deal with powerful competitors from Internet companies, resulting in a slow growth of business in the past two years. Therefore, in addition to innovation in the business models, the three major telecom operators need to greatly enhance the user experience to strengthen customer loyalty and pay rate.
In the overall market of mobile reading, Zhangyue iReader ranked the top in the industry with 26.5% market share, the market share of the second one, QQ Reading reached 17.4%, the market share of the third one, was 10.1%, the market share of declined slightly, the market share of and improved slightly in the quarter.
From the performance of mobile reading market in the Android platform, Zhangyue iReading remained the absolutely leading position in the Android platform, the market share was 26.8%; the growth rate of Android users of QQ Reading in the Q4 outperformed, its market share was 16.4%, ranking the second; the market share of was 11.2% in this quarter, still ranking the third in the industry. In addition,, g and had slight increase in the Android platform.
According to the statistics of Analysys, by the end of 2015 Q4, the number of genuine books and works are gradually increasing in the China’s mainstream mobile reading platforms, has 1.6 million books, ranking the first in the industry; QQ Reading continued to integrate the original novel resources of China Reading Limited, which included 900000 books in this quarter, ranking the second; and enriched the contents of the platform by increasing tens of thousands of books every quarter. The content size of enjoyed the fasted speed, reaching 248,000 books.
In the opinion of Analysys, since the contents on the mobile reading platform are mainly presented in the form of text, with the emergence of large numbers of entertainment applications with various scenes and more abundant entertainment, users will be diverted. For example, the audio reading application introduced by in the form of audio is more suitable for the users to listen in fragmented scenario and video applications can also meet the demands of part of the users to access to reading information. Therefore, the emergence of a number of innovative entertainment applications becomes one of the major factors to hinder the user growth of mobile reading. In addition, the phenomenon of piracy is still serious, the copyright protection is still lack of effective measures, the vast majority of users will use free access mode for reading, which resulted in that the revenue size of mobile reading market had slow growth. Based on current situation of serious acts of piracy, as a leading platform in the domestic largest network of original content production and high-quality IP, China Reading Limited took the network supervision, investigation reports, filed litigation and other means flexibly to protect intellectual property rights based on the content advantages and a huge fan base at the beginning of its establishment. This time, China Reading Limited, as the advocator of "genuine alliance" of the original literature expressed that it should establish a model for the industry and the rules as soon as possible to improve the whole IP network ecosystem for IP operation, which also poured out the minds of the colleagues in the industry. Therefore, the original literature is another industry that the national relevant departments shall introduce the corresponding policies and regulations to maintain the good order of the industry following the video and music.
In recent two years, the capital market and investors gradually improved the recognition to mobile reading, the market of mobile reading is an important market that the Internet giants are investing with the largest resources, China Reading Limited, Ali Literature, Zhangyue Literature and Baidu Literature are accelerating the group trend. China Reading Limited who harvested the most in 2015 increased putting efforts in the high-speed rail, subway and video sites through the integrating and opening internal network novel resources, promoting the IP development standard and launching the comprehensive marketing and operations strategy, and the multi-channel cooperation with the app store and Duokan Reading also helped China Reading Limited quickly gain the first position of comprehensive strength in the mobile reading market. Zhangyue Literature also achieved good results in 2015; as a reading enterpisr that accumulated the most users in the mobile client, it also launched the Zhangyue reading electric paper book hardware products, and increased the media promotion to enhance their brand visibility. In addition, Zhangyue completed the first round of financing of nearly $100 million recently, the investors are Guojin Investment and Alpha Animation, the investment helps Zhangyue to plan the IP derived content.
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