Data of Analysys Qianfan shows that, in Q1 2016, Didi Private Car Service, Uber and UCAR Private Car Service respectively had 85.6%, 15.4% and 10.7% coverage of active users of car-on-demand service in China.
By March 31, 2016, Didi Private Car Service ranked first, with car-on-demand service coverage of 400 cities; Yidaoyongche and UCAR Private Car Service respectively covered 122 and 66 cities.
By the end of 2015, Didi, Lyft, Grab and Ola jointly announced establishment of global ride sharing cooperation framework, so as to integrate products of all parties, providing seamless travel service for tourists from China, America, Southeast Asia and India. In Q1 2016, Didi Trip and Lyft announced completion of Phase I product combination, officially launching the “Didi Overseas”. Thereafter, Chinese tourists can use Didi Trip App to obtain Lyft service in about 200 cities in America. Analysys analysis shows that, in the process of the international strategy, Didi cooperates with local online trip service providers, effectively reducing the risk of maladaptation. Didi Overseas, as the first product created under international planning of Didi Trip, will make an important contribution to the exploration of overseas operation models by Didi Trip. In the future, Didi Trip will continue to actively promote the international planning of urban transportation O2O ecology and launch more services and product segments.
In addition, in March 2016, UCAR Private Car Service announced that it obtained a credit of RMB 20 billion from EverBright Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.; In April, it announced strategic cooperation with Alibaba in automobile e-commerce, big data, etc.; after that, UCAR, its management entity, officially submitted an application for listing on NEEQ. Previously, Yidaoyongche indicated that it was splitting the VIE structure and started the plan for entering the domestic capital market, and announced creation of ecological car-on-demand service, with massive resources of LETV. Analysys analysis shows that under fierce competition in the online car-on-demand service market of China and great pressure, car-on-demand service enterprises begin to explore new financing channels, expand the scope of business, increase the realization channels and carry out diversified development, so as to enhance the overall competitiveness of enterprises.
In April 2016, Didi Trip and Shanghai Haibo Taxi signed a strategy agreement. The first 500 Haibo on-demand cars approved by Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission were linked to the Didi platform. Both parties will carry out further cooperation in taxi, on-demand car, bus, automotive aftermarket, etc. Analysys analysis shows that cooperation between Didi Trip and Haibo enhances the B2C model and enriches product types, covering more trip scenarios.
Coverage of active users means the proportion of users using the service for at least one time to the users using any service in this field within a specified time.
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