According to the data of the Quarterly Monitoring Report on China’s Mobile OTT Real-time Communications Market for Q2 2016 published by Analysys Industry Database, the size of quarterly active users of China’s mobile OTT real-time communications market reached 118.595 million persons approximately., and steadily came among the top three on the number of active users in China’s mobile OTT real-time communications market, respectively with 58.464 million, 140.403 million and 139.224 million users.
Analysys insight reveals that the in-depth popularization of domestic 4G mobile network and WIFI hotspot has promoted the development of China’s mobile OTT communications market. Asynchronous communication and synchronous communication feature the low expenses and clear connection quality. As the most basic need of phone users, the function of making phone calls and voice communication has become another new channel for Internet companies to attract a great quantity of users. The communications industry will embrace a significant reform. The fast growth in the user sizes of China’s OTT communications market will bring new opportunity and challenge to enterprises of the industry.  
Mobile OTT market grew fast, with its business model being definite and improved gradually
Throughout the fast development of mobile Internet, the mobile OTT communications market as a competitive traffic access sustained a fast growth. pushed the appropriate brand advertisements precisely and was preassembled in collaboration with some phone manufacturers by virtue of its huge communication database and communication behavior database. The number of active users upon the pre-installation reached about 38 million. It continued to cooperate with various manufacturers via its life service platform, and select the relevant applications for users specific to its own users and their needs, further enhancing the user experience. further strengthened the incentives, and presented 400min free domestic calls each month. Besides, it cooperated with Xiaomi to achieve the intercommunication, so that the users of can make HD phone calls with Xiaomi users free of charge. marched to 59 countries., Version 440, supports the phone calls to the US, UK, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, and so forth. Moreover, screened the top countries and regions for tourism and overseas study in view of the past quantity of international calls, enhancing the coverage of global users.
In the opinion of Analysys, the business model of China’s mobile OTT communications market is tending to be definite and perfect, embracing a diversified and platform-oriented development. Along with the popularity and penetration of smart phones, 4G network and Wi-Fi, and as stimulated by the expensive costs of traditional phone calls and information, the advantage of China’s mobile OTT communications in low costs can be reflected, which has promoted the fast growth of users in China’s mobile OTT communications market. As the mobile OTT business grows fast, the substitution effect of WeChat and other new applications of asynchronous message category against the WeChat business have been further strengthened, causing impacts to China’s traditional SMS business. Under the dual influence of obvious slowdown of mobile phone subscribers and the Internet application of synchronous communications substituting the voice business, the average call duration of China traditional voice business dropped fast. In a few years to come, the communication industry will usher in a new round of reform, in which the mobile OTT business will substitute the most of traditional business of vendors. As a result, vendors may be channelized so that they have to provide the traffic business.  
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