Analysys analysis:  
According to the Quarterly Monitoring Report on China’s Online Tourism Market on Mobile Terminal 2016 Q2 published by Analysys Industry Database, In 2016 Q2, the transaction size of the China’s online tourism market on mobile terminal reached RMB 132.36 billion, with a penetration rate of the mobile terminal of China’s online tourism market up to 73.8%. The mobile terminal has become the mainstream booking channel of online tourism users.
In the opinion of Analysys, the China’s online tourism market on mobile terminal has currently entered into the stage of maturity after the fast growth in 2015, causing the mobile terminal to be the main booking channel. On the one hand, major online tourism vendors invested substantial resources to expand the traffic on mobile terminal since 2014, and the convenient and real-time mobile terminal upgrades the user experience under the background of popularity of mobile devices and unceasing improvement of mobile network construction; on the other hand, tourism is closely collaborated with mobile terminal to make real-time exploration on the consumption needs of users by geolocation, which not only shortens the decision-making time of online tourism booking but also expands the online tourism business to the stage of "travelling", activating lots of market innovation. Analysys analysis shows that the online tourism market is upgrading towards the online-offline integration. As a result, the real-time and convenient mobile terminal will become the basic platform of future three-dimensional tourism experience. The market size will be further enhanced.  
In terms of segment market - In 2016 Q2, the online accommodation booking market sustained the highest degree of mobility, with a penetration rate of the mobile terminal up to 80.5%; the standardization of accommodation products was relatively high, and decision-making time of users was shortened; users could locate and book the nearly hotels via the mobile devices according to the geographical location. The penetration rate of the mobile terminal of online traffic booking market reached 72.9%, and flight tickets as the category with the highest transaction size of online tourism market became the expansion target of online tourism vendors on mobile terminal; although the decision-making time of flight ticket booking requires a long time, the standardized product features and promotional activities on mobile terminal have greatly expanded the transactions of flight tickets and other traffic products to the mobile terminal. The penetration rate of online holiday tourism market on mobile terminal reached 68.6%; with a relatively complicated structure, the online holiday tourism products involve traffic, accommodation, scenic spots, shopping, entertainment and diversified factors, resulting in a longer time of decision-making. Since 2015, Tuniu, Lvmama, and other vendors have strengthened their efforts to upgrade the standardization of holiday tourism products, and established the library of product tags to form the systematic index, so as to reduce the search & inquiry costs for users and also provide the information basis for recommendation of smart products.
Analysys analysis shows that, the market space of online tourism on mobile terminal will be further expanded as the construction of mobile Internet is constantly improved and the future smart devices are mobile comprehensively. By the agency of location techniques, POI interest points and other applications of Internet technology, the innovation of online tourism market will go in-depth constantly. Accordingly, the user experience will be enhanced towards the mobile, real-time and intelligent trend of application.
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