Analysys analysis:  
The Quarterly Monitoring of China’s Mobile Search Market in Q2 2016 published by Analysys shows that Baid, Sogou and Easou respectively accounted for 78.5%, 6.6% and 5.3%, ranking among top 3 in the market.
In Q2 2016, all vendors further reinforced the layout of mobile search. With the search engine as the core of traffic and technology, Baidu linked the search requirements of users with the consumption, services, contents and travel more closely through Baidu Nuomi, Baidu Baijia, Baidu Map, and so forth. Baidu launched Baidu Baijiahao, announced free commissions for part services of Nuomi, and strengthened the ecological layout of “search plus”. Sogou continued to consolidate the vertical search services. To be specific, it successively launched the vertical search services for multiple fields, i.e. Zhihu, literature, medical treatment and academy, and acquired the exclusive search contents through its cooperation with Tencent and Zhihu.
The search engine vendors expand the existing coverage of search business through the integration of industry resources, which not only combines the online information and offline services, but also shortens the distance between users and information and services. The search engine will be further integrated with numerous vertical fields. Meanwhile, from a technology perspective, the interactive search mode based on the use habits of users on mobile terminal, i.e., voice search, photo search and artificial intelligence services, boasts a huge development potential. Up to June 2016, Sogou voice assistant served 480,500 users, shown in the Analysys Qianfan monitoring data. The search engine vendors successively embarked on intelligent information services on the strength of their technical superiority, promoting the reform on search services. In future, as the mobile Internet is further integrated in the life of users, the comprehensive, network-wide service mode of search engines will be weaken gradually; instead, it will be dedicated to connecting the vertical services with user needs through the integration of various applications and scenarios.
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