In 2016 Q3, China’s mobile OTT and instant messaging market had about 110,505,000 active users, shows the Quarterly Monitoring Report on China’s Mobile OTT and Instant Messaging Market 2016 Q3 published by Analysys. Chubao, Uxin and Lightalk firmly ranked top three in the mobile OTT and instant messaging market with 41,926,700, 10,212,500 and 9,425,000 active users respectively.
The demographic dividend disappeared and acquiring commercial value realization emerged as the key
As the mobile Internet grew increasingly mature, the demographic dividend disappeared, and China’s mobile OTT communication became a high-frequency flow entry. Competition among application vendors was highly fierce and it was now the key how to gain more effective users. Besides, big data are now the magical weapon for vendors to seize the market. Vendors now mine big data in depth to realize precise user positioning, advertisement launch and realization of commercial values. Chubao sought personalized marketing by capturing interest tags of users. It tried to realize commercial values with call scenarios of users and their communication data relating to social activities.
Analysys forecasts that people will step into the mobile Internet+ area amid the penetration of smart phones. Mobile OTT will possibly emerge as the mainstream means of communication in future, considering the technology is advanced and a series of government policies come out to encourage the private investment in the telecom industry.  Mobile OTT and instant messaging vendors convert their mass user data into personalized services and realize precise push of these services to users. This will further improve the user experience and strengthen user viscosity. Vendors can convert their commercial values to some extent by turning to precise advertisement launch and building O2O life service platforms based on viscous users.
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