The Quarterly Monitoring Report on China’s Recording Wealth Management Application Market 2016 Q3 published by Analysys shows that in 2016 Q3, ranked the first with the obvious advantage in 10,363,000 active users and maintained steady performance with active users at the 10-million grade in the bookkeeping wealth management area, and ranked the second and third with 6,067,000 and 5,695,000 active users respectively, and had a narrow gap on with 5,467,000 active users.
Analysys has collected opening times of bookkeeping wealth management applications in 2016 Q3, and found that the total opening count of grew 79.7% compared to Q2, and and performed stably and ranked the second and third respectively. The opening count of rose, mainly because it hosted the sixth anniversary in the previous quarter, offered a big interest concession to users and took other measures. Credit card statement managers in the area change the traditional short message and email-based bookkeeping reforms, and industrial applications gradually became more intelligent and more open. For example, besides offering the statement service, also provides loan and financing services, personal credit reference and other functions with strong demand through the collaboration with institutional partners, and it will mainly evolve in the direction of financial consumption scenarios. Besides, sub applications emerged in the area. For example, has introduced the “integrated wealth management, lending and installment services” and mature products and, which follows the direction of consumer finance. In particular, is an unsecured loan service targeting young groups but sets an annualized interest rate as high as 24%, which is higher than the interest rate level of credit card installments for the same term, though the business is more convenient. Therefore, it is obviously not the optimal solution for young groups, and its actual effect will still require observation.
To compare and analyze performance levels of bookkeeping wealth management applications more clearly, Analysys has collected the daily average opening count and per capita time length of use, and found that the applications in the area usually have an opening count of 2-3 times. outperformed the average level with an opening count of 3.6 and displayed good user viscosity. follows, and  and have the same opening count of 2.9.
Of the applications with the bookkeeping kernel,, and other applications have all integrated the wealth management function and evolved in the direction of value-oriented platforms. The daily operation length of users reflects the extent to which users recognize the transformation effects of vendors and also reveals the user potential of vendors. As to the daily operation length of users in the mobile bookkeeping wealth management applications, ranked the first with 57.3 minutes, recorded 36.6 minutes and ranked the third with 19.9 minutes, indicating an obvious gap among the top three.  
Continuous user behavior data are of great importance to analyze vendor values and effects of historical behaviors, and has used its bookkeeping practices to validate that more convenience and higher efficiency will stimulate financial attributes of users. However, vendors should take care not to get caught in the trap of “weakening and inadequate growth of principal operation”, which is not rare in the industry, during the strategic transformation relating to tool products, stream entries and value platforms. As Analysys forecasts, China’s bookkeeping wealth management applications will evolve to create an even bigger potential, and vendors will have to resolve the issue how to maintain the high frequency and continuous expansion of users in order to further reflect financial values of users in the system after an evident increase in the user viscosity. Moreover, vendors will possibly face the challenge from crossover competition.
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