According to the data in the Quarterly Monitoring Report on China's Mobile Banking Market in 2016Q4 recently released by Analysys Industry Database, the transaction size of China's mobile banking customers reached RMB 48.87 trillion in the fourth quarter of 2016, with an increase of 10.2% over the previous quarter.  
Analysys believes that the transaction size of the mobile banking customers in the fourth quarter maintained relatively rapid increase, but the increase over the previous quarter slowed down. On the one hand, mobile banking has become one of the main channels for commercial banks to provide services for customer, with the transaction scale and user number maintaining a steady growth. On the other hand, commercial banks' enhanced marketing and promotion in the fourth quarter, a key period, further promoted the growth of mobile banking transactions. 
In the fourth quarter of 2016, in the structure of China's mobile banking market, CCB ranked first, with the market share of 44.76%; ICBC and ABC ranked second and third, respectively with the market share of 19.3% and 15.0%; China Merchants Bank and China Minsheng Banking ranked fourth and fifth, respectively with the market share of 9.3% and 7.0%. 

In the fourth quarter, the product innovation focused on the upgrade of mobile banking. ICBC launched the new-version mobile banking for enterprises, BOC launched the new mobile banking app, China Merchants Bank launched APP5.0, and China Industrial Bank launched the version 2.4.0 mobile banking. The mobile banking upgrade brought about the interface optimization, customer experience improvement and security enhancement. New services included ICBC’s cash withdraw by QR Code scan with a mobile phone and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank's corporate account opening appointment by mobile phone. It's worth noting that China Merchants Bank's APP5.0 highlights the Machine Gene Investment, which is China’s first robo-adviser model and highly innovative. 

Analysys believes that large commercial banks have many advantages in the robo-adviser field, such as the advantages in retail customer size, investment team, offline network and fund sales channel, and also face many difficulties, including the difficulties that China's robo-adviser market lacks previous data accumulation, stable industrial and technical standards, and effective financial supervision. 

In the fourth quarter, there were frequent mobile banking marketing activities. Some banks conducted mobile banking marketing activities through cooperation with a third party. For example, ABC conducted the activity of "Surprise from 6 Cents" by cooperation with McDonald's, iQIYI and DiDi Chauffeur and achieved a good result. Meanwhile, some banks launched marketing activities exclusive for mobile banking, including the Bank of Communication's mobile banking themed activity of "Waiting for You to Grab Gold," China Everbright Bank's mobile banking lottery activity of "Gifts for Anyone Opening an Account", with the purpose of attracting new customers and helping customers to form a habit of using mobile banking to retain customers. 

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