According to the monitoring data issued by Analysys Qianfan, the number of active users in the whole market of China’s mobile comics in 2017Q1 has reached 72.3494 million, representing a quarter-on-quarter growth of 54.74%. In particular, Tencent Comic has ranked first with 25.0209 million active users and Kuaikan Comics is second to Tencent Comics with 18.4973 million active users. It is noteworthy that the gap between Kuaikan Comics and Tencent Comic has appeared to be larger compared with last quarter, from 1.116 million users to 6.524 million users. In addition, in the first quarter, NetEase Cartoons, Manman Manga, and Maiment Comics improved user experience by means of innovative marketing and pinpointing user demands and won dramatically increasing active users, sending them to emerging APPs.

Mobile Comic Companies with Top 10 Active Users in 2017Q1
According to the monitoring data of Analyssys Qianfan, daily startup times per capita equates to 5.95 with the average daily use time of 42.74min. ICartoon App has the strongest customer stickness with the per capita daily startup times 5.6 and the average daily use time 48.13min.
In terms of the overall data, the gap in the daily startup times per capita is small, the maximum daily startup times per capita reaches 6, and the average daily use time unusually ranges from 30min to 50min. Compared to mobile reading, mobile animation is respectively twice and three times less in daily startup times per capita and the average daily use time which explains the huge potentials for the development of mobile animation.

Tencent Comics:
Works: in January, Tencent Comics launched the new comic named as elDLIVE, which is produced in combination with Shueisha, Studio Pierrot, and Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation. During the cooperation, Tencent Comics as a developer completed the core production work with Japanese animation enterprises. Compared with previous cooperation between Chinese and Japanese enterprises, this cooperation is characterized by unprecedentedly high degree of participation, and Tencent Comic can take this opportunity to learn from the Japanese partners and improve its own producing competence. In recent years, domestic comics have improved greatly in both quantity and quality, but the gap in overall standard between Chinese and Japanese animation and comic industries still remains large. The domestic industry will achieve a qualitative leap with the help of accumulative experience and localization. From the prospective of the whole industry, this cooperation provides an excellent opportunity for China to learn from Japanese animation industry at the water-testing stage; for Tencent Comics, it is merely the first step to cooperate with Japanese companies, and the core is to develop Chinese distinguished cartoons after learning from the experience in production and sufficient localization. This is a test for both Tencent Comics and other Chinese enterprises having an opportunity to learn from Japanese counterparts.
Copyright Protection: in February, the copyright war between Tencent Comics and ICartoon ended up with the final verdict that ICartoon infringed upon the copyright and was ordered to compensate Tencent Comics. The case has demonstrated that it is of great significance to own and protect the copyright of comic works. In addition, Tencent Comics has gotten involved in many cases to protect the copyright of other popular works, such as Zombie Brother, Little Fox Spirit is a Matchmaker, and Imperial Censor, which explains Tencent Comics attaches great importance to protecting the rights and interests of authors and works to some extent.
Brand promotion: In March, Tencent Comics and SPDB jointly launched Tencent Co-Brander Card, through which the users can receive 500 Tencent Comic Points and 10 Q Coins and apply for the right to read on Tencent Comics for seven days as VIP and free of charge. Co-Brander Card is a derivative product generated in the process of bank marketing. It can help the bank increase the issued cards and provide some rights and interests for users thanks to the cooperative partner, which can indirectly encourage the users to consume more to some degree. For SPDB, the animation images popular on the platform of Tencent Comics are published on credit cards, which can draw the attention of young people. While improving the business volumes, the bank can win a batch of young customers with huge potentials for future development, and those customers are higher in quality than ordinary card users; for Tencent Comics, the exposure of its logo and animation images can enhance brand presence, and card users can enjoy the experience of paying users on the platform of Tencent Comics, which can improve the conversion rate to some degree.
Kuaikan Comics:
Financing: Kuaikan Comics raised RMB 250 million in its Series C round of funding on January 9, aiming to input more energy and capital into the service for excellent authors, incubation of powerful IP, improvement of user experience, creation of quality content, etc. After completing the financing, Kuaikan Comics will sign contracts with more excellent comic authors, increase the exposure of competitive IP works, and draw more attention from users. As for user experience, the platform will take advantage of existing big data to deliver suitable contents to respective users and optimize the current version to improve user experience.
Incubation of IP works: In 2016, the team of Kuaikan Comics announced multiple IP plans for multiple works, including theatrical film, online drama (Scoreless Idol, Hello! Muscular Woman, and Seven O'clock) cartoon, mini animation (Take My Brother Away), etc. Among them, some works have been formally commenced. For instance, Kuaikan Comics started shooting Take My Brother Away in February. Some works have been launched. For instance, Kuaikan Comics and Bilibili jointly played the mini animation in the end of March, Take My Brother Away, and each episode lasts for only three to four minutes. If comic works are adapted to short video animation in this era, which is characterized by powerful internet channels, demand for fragmentized audience content, and increasingly videoizing tendency, users can kill time in fragmentized time and comic enterprises can accumulate the experience in IP adaptation for future production of long animation episodes.
Content: In January, COMICssisland APP launched multiple exclusive comic strips, including General and I and Huge Dominate, which are adapted from novels of the same names. General and I has taken advantage of the popular TV play, attracted a large number of fans, and enhanced the brand awareness of COMICssisland; Huge Dominate, as one series of Break the Sky, has generated much traffic and accumulated a large number of users on Male Manga of the platform. Its high-quality exclusive headings have drawn more attention and improved user activity in the first quarter.
Brand competitions: The improvement of original ability and increase in original works is the motive power for the development of comic platforms, so a majority of platforms spare no effort in data collection, cultivation of excellent authors, and creation of original works. COMICssisland has exerted great efforts in two brand competitions. CACC began to solicit contributions in January, and COMICssisland, as the sole official platform of CACC to solicit contributions, helped CACC collect quality works and enhanced the exposure of its own brand to some degree. However, COMICssisland benefited little in original works and author collection because many entries passing the market test are mature to some degree. On March 24, the sixth Newcomer Award for Original Cartoons began to solicit contributions, and COMICssisland, as the sole official platform of Newcomer Award to solicit contributions, also helped Newcomer Award collect quality works. Newcomer Award is a competition sponsored by Kodansha and organized by Comic Stories to seek the original content. The competition is a platform for COMICssisland to discover excellent authors and enhance the communication with original authors, which is conducive for it to improve original ability.
Migu Reading:
Works: DMG Yinji concluded a cooperation agreement with Migu Reading in January to exclusively license its right to domestic network dissemination as to the series of Warrior to Migu, which can launch and display such original content on its platform. DMG Yinji is a domestic enterprise specialized in recreational TV programs & films and advertising & marketing services. Its recreational TV programs & films consist of content provision and the operation of international high-concept brands. As for content provision, it usually features IP American comics. Through this license, Migu Reading can reserve more content for European and American markets and attracted more readers from the areas.
IP: the promotion video of Counterattack by the Prince of the Devils was launched in March. Counterattack by the Prince of the Devils is a full-color action comic produced by Buerma Studio and Migu Reading. The promotion video was a chance for Migu Reading to test water in IP animation, and Migu Reading will start more trials.
Product upgrading: Migu Client Version 4.0 was launched in March, and Novel Zone and UGC Video were also added. Light novels, which pertain to ACGN (Animation, Comic, Game and Novel) culture, are very popular in addition to animation and comic; with the promotion of UGC Video, many short original videos featuring illustrators, paper folding masters, Internet musicians, funny video team, popular cosers, humorous bloggers, and Internet singers can enhance the loyalty of platform users to some degree and help Migu step into ACGN field. Based on this content layout, it is foreseeable that Migu will add more sections in relation to comics to improve the comprehensive comic community.
NetEase Cartoons:
Shooting films and plays out of literature works: the shooting of the internet movie named Don’t Touch Me, Emperor, which is adapted from the popular comic, Don’t Touch Me, Homosexual Emperor, formally commenced in March. It is the first time for NetEase Cartoons to shoot internet movie out of literature works and to explore the combination of movie and comic.
Brand promotion: in January, NetEase Cartoons launched VR comic, which integrates the plot about “Hellevator” and VR mode on its platform, The Chinese Whimsy, and displayed the works at an offline store in Hangzhou; in February, NetEase Cartoons held the promotion activity of themed restaurant and fan meeting in combination with Kentucky Fried Chicken, gathering popularity from the offline platform and wining more fans. This was not the first time for NetEase Cartoons to carry out marketing activities through the cross-border cooperation. As early in August 2016, it cooperated with McDonald's and held ACGN Theme Activity, An Unexpected Journey of Aimu, which won many fans for its platform. Through cross-border cooperation, NetEase Cartoons has established the mature marketing mode and is expected to carry out more similar activities for brand promotion.
In the opinion of Analysys, the works adapted from copyrighted literature have been gradually launched in the first quarter, including the animation works (adapted from comics) launched by Kuaikan Comics in combination with Bilibili and Tencent video, comic works (adapted from novels) launched by COMICssisland, and animation works (adapted from comics) launched by Migu Reading. Those works reflected the actual implementation of 2016 IP Plans. Seen from the adapted works, the companies are very cautious and hope to master the key adaptation skills, establish their own adaptation system, and improve the success rate. In addition, with the promotion of IP works, they are still expanding their lists of comic works and improving the influence of their own works. On one hand, they enrich content by signing contracts for exclusive works and participate in brand competitions to seek quality content. On the other hand, they strengthen the influence of platforms and improve works by cross-border cooperation. It is noteworthy that co-brander card marketing, combination with offline scene, and cross-border cooperation of other forms are not first cases, which means that such cooperation can definitely help enterprises improve the brand influence, enhance brand presence, attract more users, etc., and such marketing cases willincrease continuously.
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