According to the monitoring data of Analysys, in the first quarter of 2017, China’s life service platforms achieved the trading volume of RMB 61.63 billion, representing a year-on-year growth of 8.1% and a quarter-on-quarter growth of 2.1%. The year-on-year growth mainly benefits from the accelerated growth of hotel and travel businesses after their focus on first-rate hotels and overseas hotels. The quarter-on-quarter growth may be propelled by the growth in box-office receipts as well as eating out and other recreational activities for friend and family gatherings in the Spring Festival.

In the first quarter, the trade share of the whole platform (excluding take-out business) of Meituan Dianping reached up to 80% and the gross merchandise volume of Baidu Nuomi slightly shrank to 19.5%. From the trade share, although having maintained its absolute leadership, Meituan Dianping will still compete against Baidu Nuomi. However, their focus will not be on subsidy, which was once exploited to seize market shares. The more important issue is to integrate resources and coordinate their own businesses for larger profits. 

According to the monitoring data of Analysys Qianfan, the active users on Mertuan’s mobile client significantly increased in 2017Q1 while experienced a declining quarter-on-quarter growth. Driven by the long-term product and user operation strategy, the assembly effects of the users on Meituan platform have begun to display. Meituan Dianping is able to greatly deepen its businesses and expand scenes of consumption on the basis of enormous active users. It tested the water in Nanjing with focus on the travel scene which connects living consumption, namely “Meituan Taxi Calling Service”, providing some co-marketing space for the merchants on the platform.

On the other hand, from the perspective of daily average use time, an indicator to measure customer loyalty, Baidu Nuomi has won stronger loyalty. It aims to better realize the connection and landing of hardware & software products (Baidu Search, Baidu Map, Baidu AI) and service ecology through its constant focus on content and improvement of user experience and loyalty with high-quality content, including last year’s revised “Selection Zone” on the homepage and “Funnier” Tag added to Hotel Zone, as well as the shows subsequently organized in terms of catering, hotel, and other vertical categories, such as “Food Show”( IP live streaming works) and “Mr. Sleep Lord’s Diary” (experience show).
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