Analysys Analysis:
According to the data in Quarterly Monitoring Report on China’s Mobile Banking Market in 2017Q2 recently issued by Analysys Industrial Data Base, in the second quarter of 2017, the transaction scale of China's mobile banking clients was up to RMB 55.63 trillion, a comparative growth of 5.1% on moving base.

According to Analysys, in the second quarter of 2017, the comparative growth on moving base of the transaction scale of mobile banking was 5.1%. On one hand, China UnionPay joined hands with major banks and held the 62 Quick Pass events, which enhanced the activeness and loyalty of mobile banking users to some extent and further drove the growth of transaction volume. On the other hands, commercial banks also held various types of promotion and marketing events.

In China’s mobile banking market in 2017Q2, CCB maintained the first place with the market share of 26.1%, followed by ICBC (21.0%) and then ABC (13.3%).
From the aspect of product innovation, in 2017Q2, CCB Fujian Branch launched the “College & University Application Consultation” service on its mobile banking, with recommended the available colleges, universities and majors based on historical data of Fujian Province in recent years. This was a new service for people's livelihood by CCB’s mobile banking, which assisted the students and their parents in understanding the application courses in advance and solving their puzzles on application.  The mobile banking of China CITIC Bank launched the pending order transfer function for financing products, which enabled the independent quotation and transfer by the customers. This further enhanced the liquidity of financing products and optimized the financing service experience of the customers.
From the aspect of marketing activities, the 62 Quick Pass event initiated by China UnionPay was the theme of marketing events of various banks in 2017Q2. The banks joined hands with merchants to launch colorful promotion activities, which had generalized Quick Pass to some extent. The new transaction volumes brought by QR Code payment through mobile APP of banks such as CMB were relatively great. The QR Code payment poses great potentials for customer diversion of mobile banking. CCB launched themed marketing events of “Find the New Version, Find the Luxury Gifts”, which included six sectors of “Find Sports”, “Find Health”, “Find Cuisine”, "Fine Tourism", “Find Love” and "Find Amusement”. With such events close to the daily demands of the customers, the customer loyalty of mobile banking was enhanced. ICBC launched themed marketing events of “Smart and Saving, Share Your Brilliant Dream Brilliantly”. The customers could take part in the activities through the mobile banking of ICBC. In addition, ICBC launched activities such as "Log-in For More Gifts Every Month" to encourage more customers to download and use its mobile banking.   
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Research Notes:
Industrial analysis provided by Analysys is made mainly based on macroeconomic industrial data, final quarterly user survey data, historical data of the companies, quarterly business monitoring information of companies, etc. by Analysys's industrial analysis models with reference to market research, industrial research and company research approaches. And such analysis mainly reflects the market status quo, trends, break points and rules as well as the development status quo of companies.
Analysys believes that the data drawn according to the abovementioned industrial research approaches is within the recognized acceptable error range within the industry and can accurately reflect the industrial trends and change rules.
Such research outcomes made based on professional research approaches aim to provide decision reference. For the actual data of a specific company, please refer to the financial reports released by that company.
Analysys Overview:
Analysys is a leading big data analysis company in the Chinese market. Since the establishment, Analysys has established the big data and analysis service ecological system cored by massive digital user assets and algorithm models. Analysys has been dedicated in providing product services such as digital user portraits and competition analysis and assisting in product operation for enterprises; and assisting enterprises in increasing revenues, saving expenditures, increasing effectiveness and evading risks by operation and management on digital user assets of the enterprises. The products in Analysys Family include Analysys Qianfan, Analysys Fangzhou, Analysys Wanxiang and Analysys Boyue. By June 30, 2017, Analysys had covered 2.07 billion intelligent terminals and monitored over 2.05 million mobile APPs.