According to Statistics from Analysys International’s Seasonal Survey of the Chinese mobile reading market in 2015Q1, Ireader from Beijing Palm Reading technology, with the top user base in mobile reading business, broke the traditional low-key operation mode. Ireader rapidly elevated brand recognition by employing “Wang Han” as ad celebrity, who is a fan of Chinese ancient civilization studies to attract the major group of people in mobile reading. According to the statistics in 2015Q1, Ireader from Palm Reading relied on marketing promotion and hence increased user base by market share of 26.4%. In 2015Q1, QQ reading also increased user base noticeably by a market share of 17.9%, which was contributed by the establishment of YueWen group with mobile strategies. The strategies include prioritizing QQ reading with mobile reading business, consolidating group’s internal and external resource, which introduced almost 10 million premium books to attract mobile readers. What is more, QQ reading also buildsa social platform to share reading list in Wechat circle, tweeting reading note in Weibo in real time. It improved user engagement by increasing user activity time and visit frequency., and were growing steadily with their user base., with the most market share growth, accounts for 5.4% of the market share. achieved its position by introducing more copyrighted books andbranding promotion. What is more, Zhejiang Daily Media Group Co. Ltd purchased 70% of ReadingJoy’s equity to rapidly build a digital entertainment industry platform. attracted cyber literature fans by its huge content base with 5.3% of market share. In conclusion, though major mobile reading companies lead the business by capital and content advantages, they are going to face more competitions.

From Android mobile reading platform, Palm Reading still maintains it’s Android platform’s absolute advantage by 26.8% market share. QQ reading improved user conversion rate by Tencent QQ client and Wechat client to achieve 16.1% market share. performed well by its own IP product “Qing Gong Xi FeiZhuan” with market share of 11.6%. Itstrengthens’s determination to win writer and build upon writer’s personal influence among readers. At the same time,,, and are performing excellent in Android platform. Mobile reading market consolidated further.


According to Statistics from Analysys International’s Seasonal Survey of the Chinese mobile reading market in 2015Q1,major mobile reading platforms are bringing more and more copyrighted books to end users., which is a cyber literature platform subsidiary of Cloudary Corporation, is now managed and operated by YueWen group. It’s mobile reading platform,, tops in the industry by owning 1.33 million books. Extensive contents brought more users and sustainable income to QQ reading owns 650 thousand of books to rank the 2ndplace. It leads other competitors by adding 150 thousand of books more in 2015Q1. QQ reading achieved this by YueWen group’s strategy of “Mass reading, to build a reading society” to strengthen the collaboration with 3rd party content providers, especially with those traditional book publishers to win users with extensive content base. Netease reading has been engaging with users with premium content by strong collaboration with a few book publishers. It launched a few ebooks with exclusive publishing right. It achieved 460 thousand of books ranking the 3rd place. Ireader from Palm Reading technology strengthens its user retention by purchasing copyrighted books by the number of 420 thousand as the 5th in the rank. Telecom carrier’s reading platforms, “” and “” were also stressing copyrighted contents. They improved noticeably with e-reading contents. had also speed up noticeably with introducing 300 thousand books since it’s launching one year ago.

Analysys international holds that, Baidu-wenxue,, andAlibaba literature gradually realized IP’s potential value in industrial chain. They are all competing in the mobile reading business to form a more consolidated market. Premium content becomes the core competency in the competition. For instance, free reading zone in mobile reading application is intended to cultivate user’s reading habit. Further more, they leverage premium content to cater to user’s requirement. As users experience is enhanced, they are more likely to pay for premium contents. Consequently, excellent UI design combined with higher payment rate for premium contents are key point in winning mobile reading business.