According to The Seasonal Survey of the China Mobile Readers Market in Q2, 2014 released by Analysys International, iReader remains in the leading position in China’s mobile reading market. It is followed by QQReader, and

Judging by market performance, iReader accounted for 25.7 percent of market share this quarter with its powerful terminal advantages, innovative product experience, and large numbers of loyal customers and avid readers. This puts them up 0.3 percentage points from last quarter. QQReader ranked second and accounted for 17.7 percent of market share with its billions of subscribers, optimized product design, Tencent big data platform-based Smart Push, and enhanced user reading experience. vigorously developed high-quality original content for its mobile terminal, while integrating Tianyin Group's distribution resources, increasing promotional efforts, and expanding brand influence. It accounted for 10.0 percent of market share and ranks third. China Mobile’s CMRead has a huge user base and strong channel resources, attracting a large number of content providers and accumulating a wealth of content resources. It accounted for 9.8 percent of the market share in this quarter; accounted for 9.7 percent of the market share; Unicom) and (China Telecom) accounted for 6.2 percent and 5.4 percent respectively by virtue of the abundant resources of each operator; the market share of was 4.5 percent; with the advantages of the content of the original site, accounted for 4.2 percent of market share this quarter; the market share of was 1.9 percent. It launched boutique content and expanded terminal preload channels relied on the Xiaomi platform.

Judging from the market performance of mobile readers in the Android platform, iReader accounted for 26.0 percent of the market share up 0.3 percentage points from the previous quarter; QQreader accounted for 15.2 percent of the market share; maintained the third spot, accounting for 11.5 percent of the market share. The market share of other companies are as follows: held 9.9 percent; held 9.3 percent; held 6.8 percent; held 5.6 percent; held 5.0 percent; held 4.8 percent; and held 2.1 percent.

First, iReader continuously maintained the leading position of the market. They focused on product innovation in Q2 and added voice reading and social sharing functions, labeling social media features for their products. iReader constantly improved the product experience by catering to user needs and testing a group of loyal customers for their platform. The quality of their product has been widely recognized by the industry. In addition, iReader vigorously seeks cooperation with terminal manufacturers and operators while expanding the size of their channel and promoting their products in order to increase user numbers. Meanwhile they increased marketing activities through a series of promotions so that their products and services could establish a good image in the minds of users. Simultaneously, their strong brand awareness and stable, loyal user base has effectively supplemented official marketing campaigns.

Relying on their huge user base and social media position, QQReader achieved good results this quarter. In the channel, the launch of "open version 1.0" has achieved full platform interoperability with PC terminals, covering users, channels, promotions, funds, payments, etc., to yield a seamless reading experience for users. In terms of content, they spent lots of money to dig out Maoni, the great author from Shengda, and hold a writing competition. They created the "works broker" system first, and carry out the precise market positioning for outstanding IP to further expand the coverage of fans of the star IP and realize full range of value-added for IP copyright. Operating a series entertainment services, QQ integrates literary works with games, animation, film and television services. They form an interactive entertainment industry chain through integrating their many platforms, so that the business value and social value of their company can be maximized. vigorously taped outstanding original content resources this quarter. They organized an original works contest and focused on "light novel" creation, something suited for mobile terminals, to look for new content for future mobile reading devices. In terms of marketing, using Tianyin’s advantage of virtual operators and the integration of existing channels of distribution, has expanded their scale of channels. Meanwhile they developed a variety of business models, including directional flow to achieve a multi-development of payment. chose to cooperate with Baidu Mobile Assistant to exclusively release their reading software. With the strong channel distribution advantage of Baidu, they opened the mobile reading market., and have achieved good results and relied on accumulated, solid strength in their channel resources and user scale when they first entered the market. Then the three platforms focused on content resources, strengthened their cooperation with copyright owners, and purchased and bought out bestselling books to improve content quality and improve user retention. While they have increased their brand’s marketing efforts, concentrated on social media marketing around the topic of the World Cup; and stimulated enthusiasm and attracted new users through a series of preferential policies. The three platforms all have achieved good results by improving their competitive advantage this quarter.

By cooperating with China Mobile, (China Mobile Version) has accessed 250 000 works from the China Mobile library to bring a large number of users to the platform. Meanwhile, with China Mobile's payment channels, a barrier-free payment service has been opened and users can bind their mobile phone number and finish payments through call charges. This convenient operation will greatly enhance user's willingness to pay. Additionally, as the literary brand of Baidu, can rely on all of Baidu’s resources to promote its product. Its brand influence will be fully upgraded and it has broad prospects for future development.

Due to internal changes in Cloudary this quarter, their strategy has been re-adjusted and their concentration will shift to mobile terminals. In the future, they should consider more strongly the advantages good content brings and constantly improve their product experience to cultivate more loyal customers for their platform. is always focusing on boutique products, but its market share is not promising because of the limitations of its user groups. Given the formation of mobile users, started to access original works to attract lapsed low-end users.

Enfodesk Analysys International holds that the mobile reading market has entered a rapid development period. The constant innovation of product features encourages change in user needs; personalization and social networking have become the rigid demand of readers. After years of development, the mobile readers market has accumulated large amounts of user data. In the future, personalized recommendation services can be provided based on user interest by utilizing data processing technology. Meanwhile, strengthening the social media side of products, establishing a reading community, prompting users to spread interest-based content, and enhancing customer loyalty to products should be strongly considered. Because of the scrambling of industry's giants, competition in the mobile reader market is fierce. Each manufacturer needs to expand their competitive strength, lead with high-quality content, and continuously upgrade product experience to beat competition and quickly seize the market.