The statistics from EnfoDesk, the Seasonal Survey of China Mobile Game Market in Q3, 2014, newly released by Analysys International, shows that china mobile game has transformed from robust growth to steady growth in the second half year of 2014 with the shrinking smart phone shipments and disappearance of Demographic Dividend. The overall size of the market reached 7.265 billion Yuan with the sequential growth rate declining to 9.2 percent.

The issuance market remains with stable growth in this quarter. CMGE, Longtu Game, iDreamsky, Chukong Technologies and other first-tier publishers have established their leadership, followed by, FLMobile and who are ready to erupt. The issuance of new games has slowed down and high-quality issuance has become the mainstream. In the future, enterprises that have distribution channel resources, massive users and strong product development capabilities will turn to the issuance market. The layout strategy of the development, distribution and platform of the whole industry chain in China mobile game business has become the mainstream of the company's future strategic positioning and development.

In the third quarter, the pattern of the whole-platform publisher remained stable. CMGE, Longtu Game, iDreamsky ranked the top three. The distribution of CMGE grew steadily in the third quarter, with market share of its new product being 19.5 percent. The Market Share of Longtu Game's DOTA legend created 17.0 percent in this quarter. iDreamsky focused on leisure games in Q3 and cultivated the establishment of user platform, accounting for 15.6 percent. Q4 is normally the time for new product launching, and each publisher was actively launching products for the competition at the end of the year. It is expected to see more mobile game products in the fourth quarter and the competition will become more intense.

In this quarter, small changes occurred in the steady pattern of the issuance in iOS platform. With DOTA legend alone, Longtu Game occupied 18.2 percent of the market share. FLMobile’s Three Kingdoms and Conquering the City remained stable in the third quarter with market share being 12.8 percent. CMGE enriched its product line of iOS platform in this quarter. Its Crisis Action, Shacheng Battle and other new products had outstanding performance, with its market share rising to 12.4 percent. The market structure of iOS issuance was not stable and the gap between each enterprise was small, but the appearance of popular product is still low. There is still no dominating game except Longtu Game’s DOTA legend.

In the third quarter, the Android Market still takes the majority part of entire China Mobile game market. Companies’ performance in the Android market directly determines the performance of the whole platform. CMGE, iDreamsky and Longtu Game still ranked the first three of Android market. CMGE led the market with its share being 24.1 percent; iDreamsky ranked the second with its share being 20.4 percent; Longtu Game accounted for 16.5 percent of the market share and ranked the third. With the growing number of developers of Android platform as well as mobile games, more and more publishers having resources and competencies would enter the Android game publishing market, and the operational delicacy and in-depth cooperation will be the key factors of future competition.

Publishers continued to seize the market in this quarter by subdivision layout, IP purchasing, cooperative R & D, high-quality products introduction to expand the market and their product line. Overall, to earn profit by medium and big games, to encircle more users by casual games and to build the brand by high-quality games have become the three core product strategy. With the maturity of China mobile game market, iDreamsky, CMGE, Chukong Technologies, Longtu Game, FLMobile, other front-line mobile game enterprises have significantly improved their ability on obtaining the users and have become leading enterprises in the market.

Judging from users share, the four publishers, iDreamsky, CMGE, Chukong Technologies and Longtu Game, had covered 63.5 percent of users share. The influence of first-tier publishers among users and brand effect were gradually released. iDreamsky ranked the first with users share being 29.8 percent. During this quarter, its Cutting the Fruit released on Wechat and QQ platform, ranking the top of iOS downloading list for 10 days, which further expanded the user base of iDreamsky. In addition, iDreamsky also showed a rudiment in IP layout and pan-entertainment marketing strategy. On the one hand iDreamsky went on buying domestic and overseas high-quality IP and accelerating high-quality games reservation, on the other hand it concentrated on celebrity effect on the new product marketing, carried out ingenious marketing and enhanced brand awareness. The advantages of iDreamsky’s users scale is obvious, its transformation capacity of user resources showed strong momentum, which make it become a platform-based game enterprise with massive users resources.

For subsequent manufacturers, CMGE, Chukong Technologies, Longtu Game and yodo1 ranked the second to the fifth in this quarter with few changes. CMGE maintained rapid growth in online games while focusing on the console game with its product line expanding rapidly and subscribers scale rising to the second in this quarter.