In Q3, the total shipment of home smart micro projects added up to 230,700 in the global market and 153,000 in the Chinese market, shows the Quarterly Watch Report on China Home Micro Project Market 2015 Q3. The global market is expected to see a shipment of 900,000 in the full year of 2015 and a shipment of 338,400 in Q4, while the corresponding figures for the Chinese market are 586,000 and 230,000 respectively, forecasts the report.

Spurred by the overall swift growth of the Chinese market, major Chinese vendors have maintained a rapid shipment growth since 2015 Q1. For example, in 2015 Q3, XGIMI, Coolux and JmGo recorded a shipment of 82,000, 4,000 and 26,000 units respectively.  

Of the major international vendors, LG, an international giant vendor, boasts powerful technical resources and channel resources and keeps a quarterly shipment above 40,000 units now. XGIMI, a Chinese emerging startup, has overtaken the international giant with a global shipment of 82,000 units in 2015 Q3 and a quarterly shipment far exceeding that of LG in the first three quarters of 2015.

In 2015 Q3, the total shipment reached 153,000 units in China’s home smart micro projector market, and XGIMI, JmGo and Coolux took a share of 53.6%, 17.0% and 2.6% respectively.

Analysys has observed that with the growth of the domestic market, the vendors have started implementing different product strategies to build their market positions. During the quarter, XGIMI released three new products: Z4X, Z4Air and Mongo XMI. It has made breakthroughs in the acoustic quality of its products by joining hands with the acoustic quality team of Harman Kardon and introducing the crystal speaker. Meanwhile, it has made every effort to strengthen the content library and introduced entertainment, video, music and other contents from Mongo TV and Baidu Music in order to forge a strategic landscape of “terminal + content + platform” and consolidate its leading advantage in the micro projector area. Coolux has launched the latest product Q6, which supports remote control based on Wechat and allows the user to use the mobile phone as the remote control simply by subscribing relevant Wechat public account, thereby terminating the previous operation still requiring the remote control.

Now, the home smart micro projector still stays at the primary stage. Compared to the mainstream TV set, the smart micro projector equipment features small dimensions, heavy weight, no need of projector screen and great portability. Compared to smart TV, smart micro projector vendors pays great attention to introducing and strengthening contents of micro projector products. As to product design, vendors highlight the “portability” feature of micro projector products to the extreme. In future, smart micro project devices will become a mature product line in the TV area and satisfy personalized demands of users: With small size, light weight and portability, they suite travels as an emerging fashionable electronic playmate during the travel and satisfy the user demand to play films as they like. At the same time, they are also a good choice for the young who rents houses in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

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