In Q3, the mobile karaoke/show user base arrived at 44,387,000, a rise of 32.9 percentage points over the previous quarter, representing the biggest active user base in history, according to the Quarterly Watch Report on China’s Mobile Karaoke/Show Market 2015 Q3 published by Analysys. The rapid user growth has come from the opening of the Voice of China, a quarterly show program of Zhejiang TV, on schedule, and Jay Chou, a popular singer, has joined the program and created a very high audience rating for the program. Jiangsu TV has broadcasted the first season of the Masked King, a hit entertainment program introduced from MBC of Korea at a high price, and also reaped a very high audience rating. The user activity of mobile music and mobile karaoke has both obviously risen when users listen to original songs or select karaoke applications to sing themselves, and moreover, karaoke/show applications have hosted corresponding competitions with the influence of the music programs, and harvested a very high extent of user involvement.

Judging from the age distribution of China’s karaoke/show application users, 87.6% of the users are aged 30 and below, and users aged 24 and below constitute the core major force and account for 62.4%. Therefore, more and more karaoke/show vendors have targeted post-1990 users, forged strong correlation between popular stars, commentators and mobile karaoke/show applications, and attracted many young users by strengthening community interaction and relations between stars and fans.

Judging from the user penetration rates of mobile karaoke/show applications, Changba still ranked the first with a user penetration rate of 36.1%, which represents, however, a rapid decline from the figure of 64.1% in the previous quarter, mainly because some innovative fast-growing rivals poached users from the leader at a fast speed. Changba suffered a slight decline of active user base in the quarter. However, it worked hard to explore new business models. From the year beginning, it attacked the offline KTV, Changba live studio and microphone hardware in Q2, which have further enriched its business portfolio.

The K, a social karaoke application launched by Tencent, made a very good result in Q3 with the social entertainment exit "The K” released with Tencent’s channel resources, and its market share rose by 9.4 percentage points over the previous quarter and rose to rank the second in the industry. It is the only application that enables Roman phonetic alphabet marking and asynchronous MV recording, permits the user to sing the same together with Wechat pal circle and QQ pals or wrestle with them, so it is favored by young users. The post-1990 users contribute 53.6% of its total user base and the post-1985 users contribute 28.4%.

YY is the largest video live website in China, and YY Concert is an online live interactive music program series hosted by YY Entertainment, and represents an emerging mode of online concert + fan club. It can better create relations between singers and fans. It has successively invited the Korean singer Kim Jong-Kook, Li Qi, the champion of the second season of the Voice of China, and Kang Hee-gun, a member of the Running Man of Korea. It has produced the all-new online concerts, and will become a new interest platform for singers to carry out various communication campaigns. Therefore, YY Live ranked the third with a user penetration rate of 22.2% in Q3, and gained some potential users while innovating the profit mode.

TLKG and Kwsing ranked the fourth and fifth in the industry with a user penetration rate of 12.0% and 8.4% in Q3 respectively. KKTV1, iSing and Kuro also won many users with respective product features.

Judging from the start frequency of users of mobile karaoke/show applications, the users using the THE K rose rapidly over the previous quarter and started the application for a total of 806.62 million times in Q3, and the start frequencies of Changba and YY were close and reached 464.26 million times and 445 million times respectively.

Judging from the use time length of mobile karaoke/show application users, the users using the THE K rose quickly over the previous quarter and used the application for a total of 56.98 million hours, and 16 minutes per day on average. In Q3, YY users used the application for a total of 48.72 million hours or 29 minutes per day on average. Changba had a big user base but the use time length was lower than those of the aforesaid two applications, and the per capita time length was 14 minutes per day. iSing had a user penetration rate of merely 2.1%, but the per capita use time length was as long as 22 minutes per day, exceeding the average level in the industry.

Analysys believes that the traditional KTV, as a social site with music as the tie, combines the singing, chatting and social functions. In the tide of the mobile Internet, consumers now have the all-new demand for the entertainment form and consumption mode, people born in the 1990s have become the major consumer group of recreation and entertainment and new business models are emerging. Over the past years, the mobile karaoke/show market has kept growing bigger and wider and attracted more and more attention from capital. Therefore, mobile karaoke/show applications have continuously enriched product designs and contents to retain users by stimulating the young users born in the 1990s and 2000s to capture the entertainment demand of the major consumer group. In future, the market will see increasingly fierce competition.

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