In 2015 Q3, China’s mobile game market accelerated growth after deceleration for months, and the market size reached RMB14,663 million, a rise of 13.7% quarter on quarter or 101.8% year on year, shows the Quarterly Monitoring Report on China’s Mobile Game Market 2015 Q3 published by Analysys.

During the summer vacation in Q3, several vendors released several highly welcomed IP masterpieces, including The Journey of Flower, Mir 2 and, A Chinese Odyssey, and strengthened marketing. The player activity obviously rose, and the revenues also grew step by step. As to the competitive landscape, Tencent and NetEase almost bagged all the top ten positions on the popular game list in the application store with the mobile phone games modified from the powerful client game IPs, and small and medium vendors became even more difficult to break through in the market.

In 2015 Q3, Tencent Games and NetEase Games took a total market share of 45% among all of China’s mobile game development enterprises, and they will possibly monopolize the market in future. Most of the other mobile phone game developers taking the lead in the market are listed companies or companies that have been acquired or are about to be acquired by listed companies, and the Matthew effect became even more obvious in the mobile game market.

In 2015 Q3, Tencent Games realized the revenue of RMB5.3 billion from the mobile phone game business, a rise of almost 18% quarter on quarterly, mainly benefiting from the release of Mir 2, a mobile phone game with strong IP and high ARPU value, together with Shanda. In future, Tencent will implement new mobile phone game strategy, strive to exert its advantages in content, rule and platform, transplant its advantages in the client game segment to the mobile phone game segment, and mainly attack running, MOBA, shooting, chess, card and other types. The new strategy will possibly help Tencent realize new growths in its advantaged areas.

In Q3, NetEase Mobile Games mainly realized a significant revenue growth with two products relating to the theme of the Western Journey – Fantasy Western Journey launched this March and A Chinese Odyssey launched this September, increased its market share to 18.14%, and continued closing the gap on Tencent. In the following quarters, NetEase will also launch a number of products, including Kung Fu Panda, World X World, Fantasy Western Journey Peerless Edition and Raven, and display a momentum of fast revenue growth.

OurPalm owns a number of subsidiaries, including Tianma, Playcrab and Shanggame, and has outstanding R&D strength and continuous success capacity. During the quarter, the company took a market share of 6.63% with several games, including Fighters 98, MU Miracle and Bad Men, and ranked the third among mobile phone game developers.

In addition, Skymoons edged into top 5 mobile game developers with the phenomenon-grade IP mobile phone game The Journey of Flower in Q3. Now, the market peers have started imitating the practice of joint publishing with PPS games and launch together with teleplays, which further reflects the effect of stimulating the revenue of high-quality IP products with the great entertainment concept and the cross-segment operation. However, The Journey of Flower has reaped the top IP, but the inadequate innovation in the rule has also triggered the dispute in copyrighting.

In China’s future mobile game market, products with medium and strong IP will remain the mobile game segment major vendors will strive for. The vendors that have accumulated player, capital and channel resources with successful products will continue to take a proactive position in the market, and small and medium vendors will have fewer and fewer chances to break through.

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