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In 2015 Q3, China’s Online Film Ticket Market Slowed Down, and White-hot Competition Broke Out among Weipiao.com, Gewara.com and Nuomi.com
In 2015 Q3, the film sector of the Chinese Mainland realized a ticket office of RMB12,646 million, up 54.1% year on year or 17.3% quarter on quarter.
  • 04 Jan, 2016
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In 2015 Q3, the film sector of the Chinese Mainland realized a ticket office of RMB12,646 million, up 54.1% year on year or 17.3% quarter on quarter. 

In the first three quarter of 2015 (as of September 30), the national film ticket office arrived at RMB33,009 million, representing an increase of RMB11,060 million or 50.39% year on year. The ticket office of Chinese films jumped 75.24% to RMB19,755 million, and far exceeded the growth rate of 24.15% of the imported films, which realized a ticket office of RMB13,254 million. Besides, in the first three quarters of this year, Chinese films took a 59.85% share in the total ticket office, compared to 51.36% one year earlier.

From the chart above, it can be seen that in the quarter, the online film ticket reservation (including traditional online group purchase and online seat selection) took a market share of up to 75.38%, a rise of 8.96% compared to the previous quarter. This is mainly because the market share of the online seat selection segment still grew during the quarter, the “ticket price subsidy” mainly serving high-cost films and targeting specific season still existed, and some ticket reservation platforms launched the co-branded card service and attracted bundled users to buy tickets online.

In China’s film ticket market in 2015 Q3, Maoyan.com, Weipiao.com and Gewara.com ranked top three with a market share of 26.73%, 15.80% and 12.17% respectively. 

In the opinion of Analysys, the following two points of the film market in Q3 are worth attention: 

I. Online film ticket market slowed down, and weakened the boost for ticket office
In 2015 Q1-Q3, the online film ticket market took 63.42%, 69.18% and 75.38% of the overall film ticket market, and grew by 14.06%, 9.08% and 8.96% quarter on quarter respectively. Judging from data, the growth rate of China’s online film ticket market slowed down successively. This means the seat selection mode as a boost for the film ticket office will decline, but the mode will continue to penetrate into tier 3-5 cities. 

II. “Allowable return” conveys the message for competition next stage – Differential service

In August 2015, Yueke Software under the flag of Alibaba Pictures launched a smart cinema at Beijing Finance Street Outlet in collaboration with Capital Cinema, and the biggest feature of the cinema is that it allows the return of ticket 24 hours before the play and the change of the ticket 3 hours before the play. In the opinion of Analysys, the return and change of film tickets show that cinemas gradually pay attention to user experience and hope to retain the audience for the long term while building up competitive strengths, rather than attracting one-off audience by offering tickets at a very low price such as RMB9.9, considering the Internet thinking influences operation and marketing of enterprises, and cinemas face the user drainage and poor operation. To ally with cinemas, Alibaba Pictures will have to see through Achilles' Hill of cinemas, so it will possibly announce the policy of “introduce users through e-commerce + subsidy” for cinemas under its flag. Now, cinemas basically deliver homogenous services to the audience. With the penetration and deepening coverage of smart cinemas, cinemas will gradually change more of their audience into members and step out of the low price competition. However, they will need to highlight differential services to retain users over a long term. 

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Analysys believes data derived from the aforesaid industry research methods fall into the error range generally accepted in the industry and can accurately reflect the industry trend and pattern. 

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